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Travelling genuinely broadens the mind


The southern island of the Zanzibar archipelago is called Unguja and it has many tours and sights to offer that one would not find anywhere else.


Zanzibar City, Stonetown, the capital of the island isĀ  a mysterious and mesmerizing place where guests can experience the lively Going-ons of the local culture, visit fantastic markets and see the life in an African city. Stonetown is a UNESCO world heritage site.


As the home of many spices, guests can visit one of the many spice farms on the island, tasting different spices, seeing the actual crops and enjoying a guided walk throug the various acres of the plantation.


You have always wanted to swim with Dolphins – no problem, the ones in the south of the island (Kizimkazi) are freely living animals. You can swim with those amazing animals in their natural habitat.


From the village of Fumba, our guests will be sailing on a traditional Arabic Dhow. The destination is a sandbank, where a tasty picnic will be served. Surrounded by the magical colours of the Indian Ocean, these waters guarantee a spectecular time.


In the heart of the island is a forrest, full of endemic plants and animals. This unique place is also home to the famous Kirk’s Red Colobus Monkey, a mid-sized ape that is nowhere else to be found than in Zanzibar. The population of this unique animal has been on the uprise and it is a, by the people and the government of Zanzibar, well-protected species.